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Makki ®  >  Extreme Matte Lipstick

Extreme Matte Lipstic

Extreme Matte Lipstic
Product:Extreme Matte Lipstic

you will fall in love with this lipstick, which has an incredible power.

Rich intense colour and extreme matte finish lipstick with bold and velvety finish. It is a long lasting lipstick and has a unique expression. It stays put for up to 12 hours.

The bold and matte fnish can easily be achieved with a smooth application. Contains oil-absorbing molecules such as rice startch. It contains high percentage of cyclic volatimes which ensures the long stay matte finish.

This lipstick is fragrance free and approved by dermatologists. It contains no animal derived ingredients and manufactured in Germany according to strict EU, US and japanese regulations.

Not tested on animals

Main Features:

  • Rich intense colour and extreme matte finish
  • bold and velvety finish
  • usoft and easy application
  • long lasting, stays put up to 12 hours
  • water resistant
  • no feathering
  • can easily be removed without traces, we recommend ( MAKKI Eye Makeup Remover EyeMakeUpRemover.jpg )
  • parabens free
  • final product has not been tested on animals
  • does not contain animal-derived ingredients
  • dermatologically approved
  • a matching lipliner is available ( MAKKI soft lipliner EyeMakeUpRemover.jpg )

Available in five shades:

    01 Nudy Brown 02 Rosy Brown 03 Plum 04 Chocolate Taupe 05 Cherry Brown
  • 01 Nudy Brown
  • 02 Rosy Brown
  • 03 Plum
  • 04 Chocolate Taupe
  • 05 Cherry Brown
Contents: 2.80g

Manufactured according to EU, US and Japanese regulations.

Made in Germany
Price:  £9.94

Shade No.: 01
Shade Name: Nudy Brown
Shade No.: 01
Shade Name: Nudy Brown

Shade No.: 02
Shade Name: Rosy Brown
Shade No.: 02
Shade Name: Rosy Brown

Shade No.: 03
Shade Name: Plum
Shade No.: 03
Shade Name: Plum

Shade No.: 04
Shade Name: Chocolate Taupe
Shade No.: 04
Shade Name: Chocolate Taupe

Shade No.: 05
Shade Name: Cherry Brown
Shade No.: 05
Shade Name: Cherry Brown





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